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Sample Personality DNA

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PART 1: Basic Information

PART 2: Biological/Physical

PART 3: Miscellaneous Questions

PART 4: Intelligence/General Knowledge

PART 5:Your Dream Partner/Friend

PART 6: Emotional Stability/Craziness Factor

PART 7: Motivation Factor

PART 8: Likes/Dislikes/Favourites

PART 9: Experiences/Habits

PART 10: Feedback

Your PDNA starts here:
PART 1: Basic Information
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E-mail/screen name:************
Today's Date:06/24/2007
Your website:undefined
Relationship status:single not looking
Family structure is normal:normal
Is young:y
Link to your photo:*********
Link to your MySpace page:****************************
Highest level of education completed:12
Been employed before:************************
Astrological Sign:virgo
Sexual Orientation:bisexual
Lives in country:usa
Lives in State/City:**************
Socio-economic status:middle-class
PART 2: Biological/Physical
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Is Healthy:yes
Is Strong:yes
Works out:yes
Has an eating disorder:used to
Has a learning disorder:no
Has a learning disorder:no
Has a genetic disorder:no
Blood type:a positive
Dominant hand:right
Body Fitness:chubby
Body endurance:short distance runner
Shoe size:9
Pant size:13
Shirt size:l
Natural eye color:hazel
Visible eye color:hazle
Length of hair:short
Natural hair color:brunette
Dyed hair color:black
Nationality/Background:american indian
Wears a religious head gear:no
Languages spoken fluently:English
Has an accent:n
Skin color:darker tan
Frequency smokes cigarettes:sometimes
Has ever done illegal drugs:yes
Face has pimples/scars/blackheads:yes
Has acne:not much anymore
Wears cologne/perfumeerfume
Wears deodrant/antipersperant:ye
Exercises daily:yes
Exercises more than 3 times per week:yes
# of times daily uses mouthwash or brushes teeth:2
# of times weekly you shower:4
Has bad breath:sometimes
Has clean ears:yes
Maintains nails:yes
Roll tongue:yes
Can lick your nose:no
Wears eyeglasses:no
Wears braces:no
Wears a hearing aid:no
Has obvious birthmarks:yes
Vision:average to bad
Driver's license level achieved:normal
Major Transportation method:i drive
Wears a watch:someitmes
Wears 1 or more necklaces:yes
Necklaces:hemp butterfly i made
Wears 1 or more bracelets:yes
Has 1 or more tattoos:yes
Tattoo is:a star,a butterfly,paw prints,another star,a heart,and custom tribal
Wears # of earrings:8
Style/color of earrings:idk
Has 1 or more body piercings:yes
Body piercings:lip,nose
Body posture:improper
Uses Nonverbal gestures:always
Uses Facial expressions:always
Belly button:INNIE
Body self-rating:7
Body rating from others:6
PART 3: Miscellaneous Questions
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1 negative word describing yourself:emotional
1 positive word describing yourself:happ
Ease of being your friend:5
Nicest thing said to you:what size pants do you wear cuz i think my ideal body
type is yours?
Nicest thing you said:i say alot of nice things to alot of people im unsure
Meanest thing said to you:they were right you are just using me
Meanest thing you said:i hate you and i hope you die
Nicest thing you ever did:donate blood
Worst thing you ever did:stole
Someone you did, that you would take back given a chance:keep my baby
Nicest thing that someone did for you:help me when i was down on my luck
Worst thing that someone did to you:told a secret that was volitle
Has stolen someone's locker combination or password:one time
Has stolen's someone's work without them noticing:no
Cheated to meet a deadline:yea
Got caught cheating in school or the workplace:yea
Best thing in the world:ice cream
Worst thing in the world:death
Worst news story you ever heard:toddler drown
Best thing that ever happened to you:meeting a close friend
Worst that that ever happened to you:stole
Has ever felt like a slave/prisoner:yea
#times average weekly eats fast food:1 or less
Can drive in extremely busy traffic for 1 hour or more:ya
Prays regularly:ya
Cries often:y
Swears/Curses often:y
Has spied on someone:y
Has felt excluded:y
Has disobeyed your parents:y
Has felt like talking to someone based on eye contact or silent gestures:yah
Has been to a music concert:u
Has been clubbing:y
Has been heartbroken:y
Has given a Valentine's day present to your special someone:y
Has stayed up all night with < 15 minutes of sleep:y
Stayed up whole night for:to hang out with my friends to see if it could be done
Has been counselled for personal problems:no
Been suspended from school:no
Been expelled from school:no
View on people:You find that humans are good people
Whats upeople on the upper level of the mall
How are you:hung over
Your place of residence is briefly described as:a house
#bedrooms of residence:6
#bathrooms of residence:2
House has a swimming pool:n
Have your own room:y
Have a computer with internet in your room:y
Have a television in your room:y
Have a gaming system in your room:not anymore it was stolen damn.
Have your own cellphone:y
Have your own mp3 player:y
Have your own satisfactory collection of clothing:y
Gets more than 100 television channels:y
Material thing you could NOT live without:CELL PHONE
Material thing you could live without:none
One living thing you could NOT live without:my kitty
One living thing you could live without:mice
You are best at:singing
You are worst at:lying
You are average at:drawing
Your pet peeve:the use of the word belly
PART 4: Intelligence/General Knowledge
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You found the color of a red apple to be:red duh
You found 1+1=:2
Right answer.
You found 300-1=:299
Right answer.
You found 300-34=:266
Right answer.
You found 256+34=:290
Right answer.
You found 3*3=:9
Right answer.
You found 13*13=:169
Right answer.
You found 999*999=:998001
Right answer.
You found 50/2=:25
Right answer.
You found simplified 16/200 as=:WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You found square root of pi to 5 decimal places:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
You found the 15th letter of the alphabet to be:n
You found yellow,blue mixed to make the color:green
Found intercepts of y=2x+1 to be:STOP THE MATH
Your entry of a 20 digit number in the shortest way possible:null
You found the sum of the 20 digit number you entered before to be:null
PART 5:Your Dream Partner/Friend
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Preferred gender of partner:MALE
Currently interested in dating someone(but not dating):yea
The quality you like most in a date:a lot of conversation
Preferred age difference for relationship:10 years older max
Preferred nationality of partner:usa
Preferred skin color of partner:dont care
Preferred eye color of partner:dont care
Preferred hair color of partner:dont care
Had previous unsuccessful relationships: yes
Want partner to be smart:hopefully
Want partner to be athletic:y
Want partner to be have same or higher level of education as you:doesn't matter
to me
Want partner to be able to cook:y
Want partner to buy you stuff:y
You think money matters in relationships:?
Money can buy love:n
Would ditch your partner for someone richer:n
Would ditch your partner for someone more skilled:n
The quality you like most in a friend:undefined
The quality you like most in a date:outgoing
The quality you like most in a friend:caring
Ever approached someone for friendship:yea
What you define a BEST FRIEND as:someone who's always going to be there
regardless of anything
PART 6: Emotional Stability/Craziness Factor
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Likes hurting others:no
Likes listening to same sad song over and over:yea
Like hurting yourself:y
Likes getting revenge:y
Like making others feel your pain:n
Feels left out by the world:y
Hates talking to others:n
Has friends and likes talking to them:y
Has friends and likes spending time with them:y
Is extremely upset by a recent relationship or failed attempt at one:y
Your Craziness factor(Higher is crazier,out of maximum craziness 10):5
PART 7: Motivation Factor
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Strive to get your work done on time:y
Comfortable in being skilled enough to meet deadlines:y
Motivates others:y
Self Motivated:y
Ever been late to hand in an assignment or project:y
You set daily, weekly or monthly goals:mentally
You hate starting things:n
You being things early:y
You find your work satisfying:n
You do what it takes to get your work done:y
Your Motivation Factor(Higher is more motivated, out of maximum motivation of
PART 8: Likes/Dislikes/Favourites
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Favourite Season:summer
Favourite Smell:brute cologne
Favourite Taste:CHOCOLATE
Favourite Fast food restaurant:burger king
Favourite pub restaurant:null
Favourite pizza companyapa johns (cuz i work there)
Best hamburger brand:BURGER KING
Best fries brand:burger king
Favourite milkshake brand:dairy queen
Favourite ice cream brand:dairy queen
Favourite candy:skittles/twix
Favourite bowling club:null
Favourite party store:null
Favourite rollerskating club:null
Favourite sub sandwich brand:quiznos
Favourite juice brand:tropicana
Favourite cereal:cheerios
Favourite hot dog brand:null
Favourite chocolate bar brand:twix
Favourite snack bar:slim fast
Favourite gum brand:orbit
Favourite Touch:fur
Favourite sound:wind chimes
Favourite feeling:love
Favourite movement:swimming
Favourite telvision channel name:vh1
Favourite telvision show:degrassi
Favourite movie:happy gilmore
Favourite theatre brand:cinemark
Favourite Toy/Video Gaming Systems2
Favourite trading card game:null
Favourite Internet Service Provider:clearwier
Favourite theme park:great america
Favourite ride at a theme park:crazy roller coasters
Favourite museum:null
Favourite movie genreHORROR
Favourite Radio Station:null
Favourite Sport to play:bball
Favourite Sport to watch:none
Favourite Sport's team:null
Favourite car model:HONDA PRELUDE
Favourite beer brand:coors
Favourite alcohol brand:smirnof
Favourite phrase:anywhere the wind blows
Favourite pet's name:bc
Favourite colorink
Favourite mall:rogue valley or gate way
Favourite thing to do at the mall:shop duh
Favourite clothing store:anchor blue
Favourite clothing brand:null
Favourite shoe store:null
Favourite sports store:null
Favourite rock climbing centre:ymca
Favourite personal care store:bath and body
Favourite shoe brand:null
Favourite music store:null
Favourite furniture store:null
Favourite school supply store:null
Favourite computer store:null
Favourite accessory store:wal mart
Favourite toy store:toys r us
Favourite pet store:null
Favourite book store:waldons
Favourite book:the shining by steven king
Favourite book genre:any
Favourite hobby/craft store:michaels
Listens to music genre/kind:alternative, alternative metal, metal, rock,
Favourite music artist:sunk loto
Favourite celebrity:ryan renolds
Celebrity role model:TYRA BANKS
Favourite music cd/album:fantastic planet by failure
Favourite song:interstate love song by stone temple pilots
Least Favourite song:anything by jackson5
Most annoying song:the song that never ends
Favourite cellphone brand:motorola
Favourite GSM carrier network:null
Favourite website:myspace
Favourite subject in school:english
Subjected you hated in school:math
PART 9: Experiences/Habits
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Has wanted to take advance a relationship,but not seem awkard:yea
Is allowed to have friends of the opposite gender in your room:yes
You find the meaning of life to be:to learn from your mistakes and die the best
you there is
Chicken/Egg you found:eggcame first
You find that the universe/world began with:god created it
Killing someone is NEVER self-defence:n
Abortion is acceptable:in certain situations
Finds leather jackets cool:yes
Is gullible:n
Your opinion on two faced people:hate em
You think people who talk about you behind your back are:dont like it when they
do it
You can cook:yea
Is superstitious:y
Is better than everyone else:y
Is on time usually:y
Your eyes water in public:y
Good at public speaking:y
You remember things easily:y
Can think fast:y
You are talkative:y
You can make decisions fast:y
Hug your friends:y
Waiting for your special someone:n
Spend most of your free time alone:y
Enjoy spending most of your free time alone:y
What you enjoy while alone:writing listening to music singing
Describe a time you were very sick:i had gastritis and i was quite ill for a
month or so and lost a lot of weight
Has received a massage:ys
Best time with the opposite gender:being close to the one i love next to a
beautiful nature spot
Describe your best conversation:null
Describe your best dream:ones where you can feel everything
Describe your weirdest dream:my mom shot me in the head and as i was dying in my
dream was as i was waking up from the dream
Describe your worst nightmare:my mom shooting me in the head
How much you like or dislike like helping others:i like to because it makes me
feel good about myself and hopefully in doing so the cosmos will send me someone
when i need help
You would help a friend:yes
You would help a family member:y
You would help a stranger:y
Describe your worst fear:spiders and heights
Afarid(fear) to answer the door:n
You dream often:y
You are clumsy:y
You embarrass yourself in public:y
You embarrass others in public:y
Your best friend's qualities:caring,warm,good listener,includer,amazing,
Talk to yourself:ALL THE TIME
Is popular:y
Is mentally mature:y
Wish you had more friends:always can use more friends
Wish you had friends that are there for you more:y
Participated in high school clubs:y
High school clubs participated in:y
Why you participated in high school clubs:to make friends and have something to
Wish you had more friends:yes
Donated blood:yes
Reads a lot:y
Is good at keeping a conversation going:y
Has a good sense of humour:y
Can make a good joke on the spot:y
You're on the spot joke:null
Knows how to have a good time:y
Likes reading:y
Stealing is wrong:y
Violence is bad:y
Often lose things:y
Often tears things in anger:y
Have tried your best and failed at something:y
You tried your best and failed at:life
Happy with your life:sometimes
Sings in the shower:sometimes
Sings in public:y
Answers the phone the most in your house:n
Your parents/guardians are strict:n
Your parents/guardians are fair:y
Your parents/guardians care:y
Has dated someone before:y
Has strong dancing ability:y
Dances you are skilled at:free style
If you could change one thing in your life you'd change:i'd be with scott
The one super power you would choose:immortality
You would spend a million dollars on:cars,a house,a tiger
Is racist:n
Discriminates against groups of certain types of people:n
PART 10: Feedback On This Personality Quiz
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Personality quiz rating out of 10:9
Would reccomend to a friend:y
Suggested questions:biggest goals and dreams
Ever took a better personality quiz than this one:n
Gave consent for anonymous posting of their personality DNA on forum:*
Gave consent for full posting of their personality DNA on forum:*
Where you heard about this personality quiz/referring person:yahoo

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